The TFF System of Units

I've thought for some time that in the interest of standardization, the entire world ought to adopt the same system of units. Unfortunately, efforts in this direction have been repeatedly hampered by advocates of the primitive "SI" system of units. These people have even gone so far as to call their system "the metric system", implying that it is synonymous with measurement itself.

Luckily, the USA has so far refused to completely adopt this "metric system". However, the US system does not go far enough in distinguishing itself; for example, it shares the "second" as a basic time unit with the SI system. I believe this should be corrected by the US adopting a completely distinguished system of units. This system is the TFF (Ton-Furlong-Fortnight) system.

Of course the three basic units to be defined are those for mass, distance, and time; these three basic units give the TFF system its name. Other derived units can then be defined by simple combinations of the basic units. All this is shown below for the TFF system, and the appropriate conversion factors from SI units to TFF units are given, so that we can immediately get to work on switching the US over to TFF. The sooner the better!

The Basic Units

Mass: The ton; 1 kilogram = 1.102 x 10-3 ton.

Distance: The furlong; 1 meter = 4.994 x 10-3 furlong.

Time: The fortnight; 1 second = 8.267 x 10-7 fortnight.

Other Fundamental Units

Temperature: The Rankine; 1 Kelvin = 1.8 Rankine.

Derived Units

Velocity: 1 meter/second = 6.041 x 103 furlong/fortnight.

Acceleration: 1 meter/second2 = 7.307 x 109 furlong/fortnight2.

Momentum: 1 kilogram-meter/second = 6.657 ton-furlong/fortnight.

Force: 1 Newton = 8.052 x 106 ton-furlong/fortnight2.

Energy: 1 Joule = 4.021 x 104 ton-furlong2/fortnight2.

Power: 1 Watt = 3.324 x 1012 ton-furlong2/fortnight3.

Physical Constants

Speed of Light: 1.812 x 1012 furlong/fortnight.

Newton's Gravitational Constant: 1.104 x 10-2 furlong3/ton/fortnight2.

Planck's Constant: 2.203 x 10-35 ton-furlong2/fortnight.

Boltzmann's Constant: 3.085 x 10-19 ton-furlong2/fortnight2/Rankine.

Other Important Values

Electron Mass: 1.004 x 10-33 ton.

Gravitational Acceleration at Surface of Earth: 7.161 x 1010 furlong/fortnight2.